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CNN Collection clients will tell you: licensing footage from the CNN Collection is a delightful experience. Why? Because we love “the art of storytelling” and leveraging our collection to help our clients frame their narrative!

We do a lot of listening, ask the right questions, thoroughly research our vast collection for that perfect clip, and present creative footage options to fit our clients' stories. It’s not uncommon, for clients to “write-in” our ideas into their script. This collaborative experience is why our clients call us first when starting a new project. Oh, and they write lots of thank-you letters and nominate us for industry awards.

Once you decide which clips you’d like to purchase, you can use your credit card, a wire transfer, or official company check to complete the licensing process. Major credit cards we accept include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

In addition, a sizable portion of our library can be licensed via our website where you can quickly search, find, bin, and download comps to drop in your timeline. Purchasing non-branded, high-resolution masters requires only a major credit card and all comps are complimentary. Give it a try!

Some projects may be eligible for volume discounts or preferred rates. Your licensing agent will help you determine if you qualify.